Great Clowes Street

  • CLIENT: Great Places Housing Group
  • CONTRACT VALUE: £95,000
  • SECTOR: Residential
  • ARCHITECT: Arcus Consulting LLP
  • EMPLOYERS AGENT: Arcus Consulting LLP

The Great Clowes Street project was procured through the Innovation Chain (ICN) Framework. A number of years after construction, it was discovered that the timber frame building had defects in that the timber frame had shrunk more than the exterior skin of brickwork, which had caused an alignment problem with all the elevational windows and doors.
Our client, Great Places Housing, appointed us to replace all the external windows, doors and patio doors on the building. For us to access and remove and replace the windows we designed and constructed an external scaffold to ensure we limited the impact to the occupiers of the building who remained in their homes through the duration of the works. Externally new windows and doors and all mastic sealant works together with making good of any disturbed or damaged render.

Great Clowes Street Feature Image
Great Clowes Street Feature Image
Great Clowes Street Feature Image

The internal works consisted of replastering window reveals and localised decoration together with the replacement of wall tiling to certain rooms and then a final clean and inspection with a sign off of works by the Great Places and their representatives.
All tenant liaison and co-ordination of access and egress was manged by our project lead to ensure minimal disruption and inconvenience was caused to the tenants and the public in neighbouring buildings.

Great Clowes Street Feature Image


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