Cheadle Primary School

  • CLIENT: Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council
  • CONTRACT VALUE: £599,378
  • SECTOR: Education
  • ARCHITECT: David Trowler Associates
  • ENGINEER: PSA Design & Charles Andrews Ltd
  • EMPLOYERS AGENT: Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council

We were appointed by our repeat client, Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council, to undertake a comprehensive refurbishment project at Cheadle Primary School. The scope of the project encompassed various essential tasks, such as stripping the tiled roof, replacing tiles, erecting chimneys, decorating fascia's, enhancing insulation on the flat roof, fitting gutters, conducting brick and stone repairs and replacing the windows to preserve the building's original charm. 

Cheadle Primary School Feature Image
Cheadle Primary School Feature Image
Cheadle Primary School Feature Image

The school underwent significant internal improvements to enhance it's efficiency and performance. Upgraded mechanical and electrical systems were installed to optimise power, heating and overall energy consumption. Additionally, a range of finishes such as new wall treatments, flooring and ceilings were added transforming the internal space into a modern, yet vibrant, environment whilst preserving the buildings external structure. 

Cheadle Primary School Feature Image


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