Stockport Town Hall

  • CLIENT: Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council
  • CONTRACT VALUE: £203,854
  • SECTOR: Community
  • ARCHITECT: Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council
  • ENGINEER: Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council
  • EMPLOYERS AGENT: Stockport Metropolitan Borough Council

After our appointment to the project, which followed a competitive tender process - including a detailed quality and commercial submission - we commenced the refurbishment of the internal and external area of the Stockport Council’s town hall chambers.
The works involved the careful protection of the historical and ceremonial features of the chamber as well as the access route in from the main entrance. Following this work, we were able to commence the erection of a special developed system of scaffold spaced in between the benching and speaker’s chair to allow access to undertake the specialist cleaning and repairs to decorative plaster ceiling, including the extensive replacement and modifications to high level-stained glass leaded windows.

Stockport Town Hall Feature Image
Stockport Town Hall Feature Image
Stockport Town Hall Feature Image

All external windows were replaced, including those within the internal courtyard areas. The roof also required repairing which included the replacement of slates, repairs to asphalt and cleaning of gutters and downpipes.
After we had finished the high-level restoration works, we commenced the high-level painting and conservation works. As we worked our way down the chambers walls, we began to deconstruct the scaffold system to free the floor areas to allow the commencement of the floor covering works and works to low level areas.
On completion of the works all protection was removed and inspection undertaken to ensure no damage was caused to any areas of the building. All works were signed off and approved in line with the agreed programme.

Stockport Town Hall Feature Image


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