St Agnes Primary School

  • CLIENT: Manchester City Council
  • CONTRACT VALUE: £2,062,573
  • SECTOR: Education
  • ARCHITECT: Manchester City Council
  • ENGINEER: Manchester City Council
  • EMPLOYERS AGENT: Manchester City Council

A long-term weathering defect issue had caused substantial damage and deterioration to the timber frame of St Agnes School, resulting in significant remedial works to repair and replace sections of the timber frame.
We were appointed through the Manchester City Council Small Works Framework to undertake an enabling package of works to expose the frame and work with the Council's Surveyors and specialists to investigate the areas of damage. As the investigation works progressed, the scope of the works became so significant that the school would have to be closed to allow a comprehensive programme of deconstructing the building prior to the reconstruction and internal works to progress.

St Agnes Primary School Feature Image
St Agnes Primary School Feature Image
St Agnes Primary School Feature Image
St Agnes Primary School Feature Image

The specific work stages included enveloping the entire structure with a tent scaffold to protect the building from further weather damage. Once this secured the building, the removal of all services from the main timber frame commenced to allow removing large sections of the timber frame including parapet walls at roof level, then the reconstruction of the building could begin.
New brickwork parapet walls were constructed, new Cedral cladding was installed to the internal roof parapet to create a new roof top outdoor teaching space, shielded from the weather by a large canopy structure constructed from the roof level. A new triflex membrane roof was installed onto a tapered insulation on top of the new timber structural deck which was finished with an Astro turf covering to allow use of the new open space at roof level by the school for teaching and other external curriculum activities.
Internally, the project became a refurbishment and fit out project inclusive of new mechanical underfloor heating, sprinklers and ventilation services together with electrical power, data and security. New ceilings and floor covering were installed with decoration works to provide a new look finish to the school.

St Agnes Primary School Feature Image


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